Joaquin Suarez

Design Director

Design is both visionary and executioner in one which lead to quick outputs and fast optimization.

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Joaquin Suarez

I'm Joaquin Suarez, Head of Design at OnePet. I am one of the founding members that lead Design and Creative for Honest Paws as well as other brands under OnePet. With a Bachelor's of Science in Graphic Design and over 10+ years of experience, I approach Design as a visionary and executioner in one which leads to quick outputs and fast optimizations for teams.

Born and raised in sunny San Diego, CA, with my 2 daughters, wife, and Ginger, our family Dachshund, there is always something going on inside our busy lifestyles outside of the office. I have a passion for music, art, and photography. At OnePet, I can exercise all forms of creativity into creating new and exciting brands and products that are beneficial to our pets and their families. I like to call it, a unity through creativity.