Juliana Suarez

VP of Customer Experience

Building brands that improve the quality of life for humans and their furry family members.

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Juliana Suarez

Hi, My name is Julie Suarez and I am the VP of Customer Experience at OnePet. I embarked on this journey in 2015, proudly serving as a founding team member and the first employee. Over my 17 years in the customer experience field, I’ve advanced to my current position through unwavering commitment, hard work, and a genuine passion for assisting others. My perspective on customer experience is we can only expect our customers to be loyal to us if we are loyal to them and this philosophy is ingrained in the DNA of the customer experience team at OnePet. As a leader, my approach involves setting my team up for success and empowering them as decision-makers in our day-to-day operations.

I am a born and raised San Diegan and I currently reside here with my family. I share my life with my husband, two wonderfully fearless daughters, and an adorable little dachshund named Ginger. Juggling the dynamics of my lively little family keeps me on my toes each day. Outside of the (home) office I find joy in doing anything that contributes to my physical well-being like running, cycling, weight training and hiking. I love exploring new restuarants with my family, watching my older daughter at her swim meets and going on mini vacations with my kids creating lasting memories.

Passion is the driving force in every aspect of my life. Whether it’s nurturing relationships at home or contributing to the dynamic environment at OnePet, I live with purpose, ensuring that passion infuses every endeavor.